Thursday, December 12, 2013

A run back at the wall.....

Ok, I have fallen away for a few day, OK months. But I am going run back and the wall and see what happens.

For those of you that are new here to my blog, I write about what ever happens to tickle my mind, if anything does. I find it very hard to write if I am not moved to write.  Like right now I am writing mostly because I keep telling myself I should write more. even if it is not right right, I should still write.
As you can see I am now fighting the impulse of trying to see exactly how my times I can write the word WRITE or a form of it write any time I can find a right time to write it.   Not because I like to write "write" but because my brain is stuck in with the word.

So I will get it all out now right, write, written, etc.  Well that is all I have in me for now....
Actually I am at work and looks like I may need to do something.  So I guess I will write more later.

Damn, here it goes again.... write, right written..... also once in a while I will include a video review or a just as a change from writing (hey the impulse is gone!).