Monday, May 20, 2013

Galaxy S4 vs Iphone 5 discussion

Recently I had an exchange with an individual on Google+ pertaining to the Galaxy S4 being better than the iPhone 5.  While I believe in the end choice wins out over everything else and what is good for one is not always good for another I felt like I would defend my choice of the iPhone 5.

He started by claiming this link showed that others agreed with him.

So here is my response

Interesting article, I will address it point by point:

Point 1
The Galaxy S 4 is faster than the iPhone 5.

"Man I wish this iPhone 5 was faster!", is something I have never heard anyone say.
The A6 chip has done everything I asked of it with speed and dependability.  I have even edited video on it.  How much speed do you need to access the web, read email, play some games and MAKE PHONE CALLS?  I see no need to switch from my Jaguar XJ8 to a V12 version, I will never use the speed the V12 offers.  I never use the speed the V8 offers, I feel the same about CPUs.  Speed increases especially when touted due to multiple processors is merely a marketing gimmick.  Need more speed get a laptop, need even more? Get a desktop.

Point 2
The Galaxy S 4's screen is bigger.

Ahh they old size debate. I will not even get in to cliches here.  What I will say is, I want my phone to fit comfortably in to a pocket, maybe pants pocket, maybe sport coat pocket.  I do not need to a phone so big it will not fit, or if it does, it looks like I have an abnormal growth where the phone juts out.  I prefer the elegant simplicity of a smaller phone that does not look like a tablet when I am not at work.  I do not need a geek badge.

The Galaxy S 4 has better camera software

This is a huge example of loading down a phone with so much software you use up perfectly good space that should be used for things that will actually be used after the 1st month (you know when the bells and whistles get old).  What do people use photos software on a phone for?  Cropping, maybe some small contrast or color enhancements.  And Yes Instagram, taking perfectly good pictures and making them look like pictures from 20 years ago.
Want better pictures? Take better pictures and use that space to store things you will really need and want. Like more pictures

Point 4
The Galaxy S 4 is more versatile.

This goes on to say, "But besides making phone calls and downloading apps, the Galaxy S 4 can be used as a remote for your compatible Samsung TV."  I am so thankful for that, wait I have a remote already. And my iPhone works as a remote on my Apple TV and my iphone will show video from my phone on my Samsung Blu-Ray player.  And there are apps that will suggest programs and other minutia like that for the iphone as well, they too are next to useless. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7inch with the same type of stuff, and I have not used it after the 1st week. It is more bloatware like the camera software and the look away pause feature that are there only to make someone say, "Oh Neat" then never use again. In this way the branded Android phones (save for the Nexus and the Google version of the S4) are starting to be as loaded down with bloatware as laptops and PCs from big box stores.  Give me the space. I will choose my own apps thank you.

Point 5
The Galaxy S 4 is available on all major carriers including T-Mobile.
 This argument is moot.  Iphone 5 is on T-Mobile

Point 6
The Galaxy S 4 has a sharper screen.

This is absolutely true.  It is sad that that screen is wasted on an OS that looks just as bad at high resolution as it does at low.  It may be cliche to say, but it is only because it is true. Android apps are more often than not ugly and far less appealing than iOS apps.  As stated before I have a Galaxy Tab and most apps are very unappealing to look at, that includes Chrome.

Point 7
Google Now is light-years better than Siri.

Yes it is, I agree!  Still even on my Galaxy Tab I have yet to be overly impressed. But it should be  better, after all that is what Google does! Plus it is now on iPhone.

Point 8
The Galaxy S 4 has more memory contributing to the overall quickness of the phone
See Point 1

Point 9
The Galaxy S 4 has a removable battery
I agree that is a nice feature, does not make up for the others, but nice.

Point 10
Users can expand the Galaxy S 4's storage
I have never needed more than 64gig I clean my phone and tablet out ever so ofter and choose not to be a digital horder.
Plus see Point 9.

From Tech.Fortune.Com

Android gets 97% of malware. Apple iOS 58% of enterprise.

here is the link

I believe in choice.  If you choose to use Android I agree you should.  I find the openness to be intriguing, but when I work, I prefer iOS.